2D Warrior Skeleton

2D Skeleton Warrior
This asset is a 2D character model of a skeleton warrior that has been completely hand-painted. It features 8 different animations that are normal mapped to create a more realistic appearance.
The animations are as follows:
  • Idle
  • Walk
  • Jump
  • Landing
  • Hit
  • Die
  • Idle-Attack
  • Walk-Attack
The 8 animations provided are already set up as a prefab, but you will need to configure the animator controller to get them working in your game. This allows for greater control over the animations and allows you to create more complex behavior for the enemy.
  • Skeleton Spritesheet for each animation
  • Normalmap for each animation
  • Single Bodyparts for own animations
  • PSD file
Use the individual body parts to create your own animations.
This asset is perfect for 2D platformers. With its hand-painted appearance and normal-mapped animations, the skeleton warrior becomes an impressive visual element in any game world.
Thank you for choosing this Hand-painted 2D Skeleton Warrior enemy asset and we hope it will enhance your game development experience!