About the game

Cards of Binokee is a collectible card game where the objective is to collect different cards to build a strong card deck. With this deck, players can compete against various opponents. With each completed game, players earn Orbs (in-game currency) that can be used to expand their card collection.

Play with your card deck in different game modes against the computer to practice, gain experience, and expand your card collection through the earned Orbs.

Open chests to collect cards
By using the earned Orbs, players can continuously purchase new chests to expand their card collection. There are different chests available, each containing five new collectible cards. Depending on the chosen chest, it may also include stronger or rare cards. With the new cards, players can further enhance their card deck.

A single card can change everything
There are various freely selectable/combining game modes. Depending on the chosen game mode or combination of game modes, it’s possible for a single card to completely alter the outcome of a duel.



Play free on steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2003760/Cards_of_Binokee